Good photography to me revolves around these 4 pillars:


Technical Skill:

I first trained and learned how to shoot film in 2001, which allows me to deeply understand how digital cameras truly operate today. I have a BA in Sculpture from Georgia State, so I also have a trained eye for design and composition. As I have photographed many weddings I've mastered the art of seeing light, and understanding what it takes to produce great photographs. I also love noticing the little things that make your day unique. 

Besides pure technical aptitude, people skills are also important. A good photographer knows flattering poses for varying body types. I also love to make sure our personalities mesh so collaboration and stress is minimized. 


Though I have my own style that often shows, it shifts some depending on the environment and client. I love collaborating with my clients, and figuring out who they are and their style to make sure the end results are unique and reflect them. 

Planning & Prep:

This helps us all stay sane and less stressed! It's the only way!

Working For The Shot:

Working sometimes means waiting for the shot to develop, sometimes it means running way ahead, sometimes it means risking your camera gear. How to know what to do and when, comes with years of experience and taking risks in trying new techniques. 

Wedding Philosophy:
It's an honor to be a part of one of the most memorable moments in a couples journey. It's my goal to capture the couple's style, emotions, and details of the big day. It a joy to get to learn about and collaborate with couples in the planning process and to reduce stress as much as possible.

I am willing to travel for shoots. Please contact for more information, please include venue location, city, expected date.